Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blast From the Past: Walker, Texas Ranger

Remember when everyone could not stop talking about Chuck Norris? When the 'Facts of Chuck Norris' blew up across the internet and you learned new 'facts' daily that commented on the super human abilities of earth's favourite red-haired Martial Arts specialist.

Even Conan O' Brien developed an obsession with showing Walker, Texas Ranger clips on his show. Man, they were great, I loved when he pulled out the lever and just randomly pulled it to show a clip. Money.

So, I thought I'd throw up a few of my favourite 'Norris Facts' on the Top 5 (located on the right side of the tool bar) and feature a few clips for a few laughs. Can you believe that the show ran for over 8 years? I can't either.

One large question remains though, does Chuck realize that he is a shit-box? Or does he think he is pure money?

One thing is for sure, the theme music to the show sucked ass, check it out below:


CRUCIAL FIGHT SCENE (Multiple Roundhouses included):

I mean FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKK, who the hell watched this show for 8 years?



jugsy said...

are you kidding me... that theme music is nothing but pure money.

that killer bass riff in the intro, and the spoken word of chuck himself.

"when you're in texas, look behind you. cause that's where the ranger's gonna be"

-solid GOLD

ah, fuck it said...

little old ladies, stay at home moms, and the jobless kept this show relevant. there just isnt anything else to watch during the day.

Black said...

Red, are you just trying to justify the fact that you watched it?

ah, fuck it said...