Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blast from the Past: Everyday Is Like Sunday - Morrissey

I know, I know.  Colin Meloy totally covered this song, and its great and all,  but seriously, as admirable as Meloy's cover is, the sparseness of his guitar, and, uhm, whininess of his voice, could never match the original. This song is all lush synth and strings, and of course, Morrissey's unmistakable voice. I'm on a serious emo kick right now. First, the latest Certified Banger, now this...

Morrissey is so badass.


Samuel Ramos said...

Killer fucking pick for a blast from the past.

Is it any surprise I've been a long time Morrissey fan? Nope.

I'm reluctant to call him emo though. But hey, long before the term emo even existed, Morrissey has been there with witty lyrics and killer melodies. Call it what we want, the Moz rules!

ah, fuck it said...

yeah, i'm a little reluctant to label him emo as well, but it is definitely undeniable that he has had a huge influence on emotional (good emo stuff anyways, not that dashboard shit) music. hes got a new album coming out early in 2009. great cover art as well.