Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blast From the Past: Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210

Long before Brian Austin Green lost Megan Fox or Jason Priestly got into another high speed collision, Luke Perry was mackin' the shit out of Brenda, Kelly and any other girl he could get his hands on during the course of the 90210 series. He was the resident bad boy on the series and whether he was chasing skirts, boozing, fighting or drivin' the shit out of his Porsche, Dylan was always on the grind.
Perry did not go on to have much of a career after his run in 90210. I mean I would not exactly call 8 seconds or that short lived stint on Windfall much of a career, but I'm sure that Luke thought he was the shit while he played Dylan for all those years. I felt it was important to find a clip of Dylan at his worst and where he is at his finest. I think I found two sufficient clips and they have been included below. In the first clip you will find 'The Dark Days of Dylan,' which to be honest, I was a little surprised as to how serious his drug problem became during the later years of the series. Watch out for the Steve Sanders part, as it will bring a few smiles to your face. In the second clip, you will see Dylan 'Mackin the shit out of Kelly,' who I always thought was the hotter and sluttier of his two flames. Enjoy the clips and please feel free to comment on some other things you would like to see make the Blast From the Past series.

The Dark Days of Dylan McKay:

Dylan Macks the Shit Out of Kelly:


ah, fuck it said...

luke perry was money on john from cincinnati

emjay said...

Wow, D-Mac was a legit fiend.

Chris said...

wanna chase the's a free sample hahahahhahahah. Isn't heroin really expensive?