Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Black's # 7 album of 2008

7. Wolf Parade
At Mount Zoomer
Sub Pop - 06/17/08

I have to say that I agree with Red that At Mount Zoomer wins the nod for most underrated album of the year. I can also say that he stole the words straight out of my mouth, when I said upon first hearing this album that it belongs to Dan Boeckner (Red, consider your notice to appear in court in the mail, small claims of course.) Boeckner shoots flames all over this record, and while Krug has moments of greatness, Boeckner clearly emerges victorious in this battle of dueling song writers. Whether it's his tortured voice or his fatalist enthusiasm, Boeckner is constantly helping dictate this record through valleys of despair and bursts of sublime beauty. It will be interesting to see though how long Boeckner and Krug can last the competitive nature that surrounds dueling song writers. Considering all of the side projects that members of the band are also involved in, it is tough to say whether Wolf Parade really is their primary concern, I mean it should be, but artists are known to self absorbed bastards, so there really is no telling. I predict though, that we will see another fine record upon their next release, I just really hope they survive long enough to make it.

STANDOUT BANGERS: Language City, Fine Young Cannibals, The Grey Estates

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