Friday, December 26, 2008

Black's # 5 album of 2008

5. Lil Wayne
Tha Carter III
Cash Money - 10/07/08

In short, Tha Carter 3 is a monster. Its weird combination of the glam and the raw sides of hip hop works really well and is in large part responsible for Wayne's current rap superstar status. Whether he is on his grind with his goblin growl, or swappin' rhymes with Babyface, Wayne is all over the place on this record. In fact, unpredictable might be the best term used to define this album. The fact that I never knew where the next track was headed is also the reason I think I enjoyed it so much. Now, I mean apart from Phone Home, which I just cannot stand, the album flow is pretty damn smooth. I will not hold Wayne accountable for the missteps he made later this year, I will instead focus on the praising him for his release of one of the more interesting and dynamic rap albums that I have given the time to in a while. Weezy, now please go ahead and make an even better follow up and show us that you might actually be the best rapper alive.

STANDOUT BANGERS: Lollipop, Shoot Me Down, A Milli, Mr. Carter

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