Sunday, December 28, 2008

Black's #4 Album of 2008

4. Deerhunter
Microcastle / Weird Era Cont.
Kranky/4AD - 10/28/08

Vocalist Bradford Cox is by no stretch of the imagination eye candy. He is a gangly, disease ridden, scary-ass looking sunnvabitch, but as is usually the case in the Indie Rock world, talent trumps looks and Cox sure knows a thing or two about tunes. In case you weren't aware, this album, the band's third album, leaked 6 months before its intended release. Cox was not too impressed, but instead of wallowing and whining like a tripped soccer player, he released a 'bonus disc' for those fans that were willing to wait for the release, which became the Weird Era Cont. album. Inevitably, that album also leaked and the public was rewarded with two great albums from the band within one year. Now I know Red will go on to talk about this album at length, as I know he has loved it since the leak, but I will touch on what I feel are the highlights of the album. First of all, 'Nothing Ever Happened' is the single of the year in my mind. From the catchy bass riffs that usher in Cox's vocals to the kick ass guitar solo that dominates the track, the song was a clear banger upon my first listen of the record. Overall, I can say that I am really impressed with the overall layout of the album and I am quite pleased with the way the 'Cover Me (Slowly)' sets the mood of the album by creating a beautiful transition into 'Agoraphobia,' signaling to the listener that each track will share a connection with every other track, proving once again that Deerhunter know how to craft great albums and not just singles. 'Twilight at Carbon Lake,' a delicate, warped tune about letting go of some shit is the perfect bookend for an album that touches upon many themes and influences, but is careful not to destroy the cohesive flow of the album. Get your hands on this album.

STANDOUT BANGERS: Nothing Ever Happened, Agoraphobia, Saved by Old Times,

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