Monday, December 29, 2008

Black's # 2 Album of 2008

#2. TV on the Radio
Dear Science
4AD /Interscope - 10/22/08

Dear Science, the follow up to 2006's Return to Cookie Mountain, proves that TV on the Radio are no one trick pony. The album is slightly more accessible than their last release, while still attacking dark themes and questioning whether there is any reason to have hope at all in this thing called life. The tunes are catchy, slick, angry and engaging. Everytime I listen to the album I pick up a snare drum here, a sick synth riff there, a well placed harmony somewhere else and the layers of the songs continue to unravel each time you throw the record on.
Now, I have already wrote on how banging I thought the lead off track, 'Halfway Home' is on this record, but the thing I like best about this album is that I really dig the tracks that I don't think will become singles. The track that really stands out for me on this album is 'Love Dog,' it's just such a great slow burner that never really bursts into anything too profound, but it just hits me right in my core and I love it. I read an article not too long ago that argues that when we listen to music, we don't simply just use our ears to listen, but our whole body actually absorbs the music, thus lending to the theory that we actually feel music. Dear Science is an album that lends some strength to this idea, so stop wasting your time and give it a listen.

STANDOUT BANGERS: Halfway Home, Golden Age, Love Dog, Shout Me Out