Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Best Songs of 2008

Coming up with a list of my favourite songs of the year was probably the hardest part of making year end lists. Not only are there a ton of good tracks I'd like to include, but there are also a ton that I have listened to over the course of this year that have gotten lost in my mind. I actually had to slowly scan my itunes library to jog my memory, and out of this process came a few pleasant surprises. I kept the number at 25 so that the list wasn't too overwhelming, but I could have easily named off 50 or 75 that I really like this year. I've also included a youtube clip for the top 10 songs and a link to the other 15 songs on the list so you can have a listen for yourself. Sorry about any repeats from the music videos. Without any further delay, here is a list of my favourite songs of 2008:

First here are a few that just missed the list: "My President ft. Nas" - Young Jeezy, "Machine Gun" - Portishead, "L.E.S.Artistes" - Santogold, "Amazing ft. Young Jeezy" - Kanye West, "Fools" - The Dodos, "Little Bit" - Lykke Li, "19 Floors" - Love Is All, "Gallery Piece" - Of Montreal, "Ropes ft. Tiombe Lockhart" - Invincible, and "Move/Renaissance Rap"- Q-Tip.

And now, the top 25:

25. El Guincho - "Palmitos Park" - click here 

24. TV on the Radio - "Golden Age" - here

23. Gang Gang Dance - "House Jam" - here

22. Young Jeezy - "Put On" (ft. Kanye West) - here

21. Vampire Weekend - "Oxford Comma" - here

20. Air France - "No Excuses" - here

19. Department of Eagles - "No One Does It Like You" - here

18. Vivian Girls - "Where Do You Run To" - here

17. Black Milk - "Matrix" - here

16. Hercules and Love Affair - "Blind" - here

15. Beach House - "D.A.R.L.I.N.G." - here

14. No Age - "Eraser" - here

13. Wolf Parade - "Language City" - here

12. Vampire Weekend - "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" - here

11. The Dutchess and The Duke - "Reservoir Park" - here and download here

10. Conor Oberst - "Milk Thistle"

9. Cut Copy - "Hearts On Fire"

8. Lykke Li - "Dance Dance Dance"

7. Grouper - "Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping"

6. Bon Iver - "Skinny Love"

5. Fleet Foxes - "White Winter Hymnal"

***You could also check this song in the Certified Bangers Playlist in the sidebar

4. M83 - "Kim & Jesse"

3. Lil' Wayne - "A Milli"

2. The Walkmen - "In The New Year"

1. Deerhunter - "Nothing Ever Happened"

I'm sure this list will induce some different reactions, but these are the tracks that I found myself returning to over and over again throughout the year.  Again, I encourage you to comment and let me know what songs I missed, or even post your own top 10.

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