Friday, December 19, 2008

Best Albums of 2008

It was a good year for music; not great, but pretty good. In past years, certain albums were obvious choices for year end lists, but this year, because there were no Person Pitch or Funeral-type records released, it was much more difficult to compile a list. I had an easy time deciding on my 50 favourite albums, but was faced with a daunting task trying to figure out which of these would make my top 20 and what order they would be ranked. The whole process took me probably over a month, and my rankings changed drastically a number of times throughout the process.  I can say that, after all of this 'work' I'm pretty happy with the final results, yet, I'm sure in a few weeks my opinion on all of these records will have changed once again. Anyways, enough about my neurotic obsession with ranking music and on with the list. We've decided to do it a little differently than the other 2008 lists so far. Instead of just listing off our favourite 20 albums, we are going to first give you our 20-11 picks today, and then count down our top 10 albums a day at a time with a detailed explanation about why we love each album in our top 10. Okay enough talking, here are my favourite albums of 2008:

       She's the Dutchess, He's the Duke
       Hardly Art - 07/08/08

19. Shearwater
      Matador - 06/03/08

      Dragging a Dead Dear Up a Hill
      Type - 06/10/08

      In Ear Park
      4AD - 10/7/08

      Dear Science
      4AD/Interscope - 09/23/08

      Saint Dymphna
      The Social Registry - 10/20/08

14. No Age
      Sub Pop - 05/06/08

      Emergence Music - 06/17/08

      Tha Carter III
      Cash Money/Universal - 06/10/08

      Car Park - 02/26/08

Album #10 of 2008 will be up tomorrow, until then feel free to comment on the list so far.     

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