Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Best Albums of 2008: #7

7. Black Milk
Fatbeats - 10/28/08

Black Milk is the rap album of the year. More than any other rap release this year, this album is a cohesive statement from an artist at the top of his game. Every beat on this record hits hard: "Hell Yeah" is a club banger; "Long Story Short" might be the hardest hitting introspective track I've ever heard; and "Bounce" is the futuristic genre pushing cut that is unbelievably catchy. This album literally covers every hip-hop release touchstone, yet invigorates these tired and cliched rap story arcs with beats that just knock you over. Gone are the days that Black Milk was just another Dilla follower, although he still uses much of the same production, his sound here has evolved beyond the Dilla tag, infusing a large dose of synths, samples and heavy beats. He is unquestionably making the most original beats in hip hop today. Beyond that, with this record, Black Milk has put to bed the notion that his flow doesn't keep up with his beats by combining some good lyrics, albeit not great, with an intense and fiery delivery that does every beat on this album justice. If only this album was released on a label with more capabilities it might have actually been a huge hit. I'm telling you, the greatness of these beats is undeniable.

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emjay said...

good pick ... i think we should get together and have a listening session.