Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best Albums of 2008: #3

3. Vivian Girls
Vivian Girls
In The Red - 09/30/08

When I first wrote about Vivian Girls back in early November, I admitted to getting to them pretty late. I now regret ignoring this Brooklyn band for so long because, over the past two months this album has become one of my favourites to put on. This band isn't really doing anything new, but the way they are able to combine noise and pop to create such an infectious sound is pretty exciting. This album is drenched in tape hiss, reverb, dirty guitar work and wonderful 60s girl group harmonies. The album is given gravity through its tense overarching theme of heartbreak, yet, despite this, the band keeps the mood playful and nihilistic throughout. "Where Do You Run To" is easily the highlight of this album, but other tracks like "I Believe In Nothing," "Going Insane," and "Tell The World" also standout as exceptional tracks. The Vivian Girls have taught me an important lesson in 2008: never write a band off because of preconceptions or 'borough hype' before hearing the album. I know that sounds obvious, but in today's high speed world, where the 'next best band ever' comes along every other week, it's easy to ignore good music. So, thanks Vivian Girls.

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