Tuesday, December 30, 2008

09 Predictions

After a severe tilt session last evening, I think some predictions for 09 are in order. 

I'm not going to go in depth, provide any sense of continuity or explain my predictions because I don't want to alter the future. 

In sports, I am going to predict that Canada will win the World Jr. Hockey Championship, The Celtics will win NBA championship,the Toronto Blue Jays will come out scortching hot in April but end up in second to last place in the East, the Leafs won't make playoffs, Canada will win any curling world championship and Rafael Nadal won't be number one in the world come summer. 

In Politics, Canada will have an election, Obama will underachieve, Africa will have a record number of deaths due to international neglect, Isreal - Palestine will be bloodier than ever, Bush and Cheney will escape war crimes, the economy will be pretty shitty for 10 of the 12 months and Harper will remain in power. 

In Music, look for tight clothes wearing rappers to pop off, indie dance bands are going to take over Edge 102, people will get trendier and less intelligent, someone important will die, at least 12 barely known rappers will die, Canadian hip hop will be really good and underrated, Lil Wayne will not win a grammy and Coldplay will. 

In life, I will live in 3 provinces, black will live in 2 countries, red won't berg, jugsy will tilt the hardest on NYE, the apocalypse won't come (yet), at least 10 people I know will get married or pregnant, Miller will get abducted by aliens and disappear on a cruise ship and Sconew's summer party will be the bash of the year. 

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Black said...

Miller is abso going to be abducted, and the rest of these predictions are great....ROCKS, just laying around.