Sunday, November 30, 2008

The World Never Ceases To Amaze Us

The world never ceases to amazes us. "Stupid, asinine, backwards, mindless, splurging Friday" ( I refuse to call it anything else) has passed with one 34 year old Wal-Mart worker trampled to death, another 28 year old pregnant woman injured and taken to Hospital while the shoppers were allowed to finish their shopping then escorted out for questioning. Stupid and asinine? Yes. Necessary? No.

In our own Front yard, Ottawa is ripe with pettiness and political wrangling showing us the vacuum that our politicians live in. There is no other way to see it than our Prime Minister playing games with the Opposition, smelling political blood, and taking advantage of a weakened opposition at any moment he can. Opportunistic? Yes. Greedy? Of course. Harmful? Not likely.

Fortunately our country is in decent enough shape that our politicians are able to continue their game of snakes and ladders without truly harming the state of the country. The only ones really paying attention and looking forward to these shenanigans are political junkies (myself shamelessly included) and journalists. At the very least Canadians are given something to chew on, but like a piece of juicy fruit gum, we'll just spit it out quickly, as it becomes tasteless and short-lived.

Something we should be thinking about more as citizens of this planet are the recent attacks in Mumbai, India. We should all be concerned, not at the obviously emotional level, of those killed leaving many to mourn the loss of loved ones, but on a more global level. We should be asking ourselves and those around us; why is it that a seemingly peaceful country like India was attacked? What does this mean for the rest of the world? But more importantly why was that Hotel specifically targeted, and what was the message? When it comes to any type of large scale attack, the amount of people killed becomes inconsequential. The target is not money being stolen, property being looted, or specific high-ranking people being killed. The purpose is to send out a message to the country hit, and the world around it.

India is a relatively free place where commerce and trade is open to the globe. We are seeing a rising India just as we were watching and now witnessing a stronger China. I suggest you do what a lot of people are now being forced to do, and look at a map of the region where India is located. You'll find the epicentre where a war is certainly being fought, but not in its carnal way, but in an ideological way. Of the countries that surround India, India is the only one that is truly open to tourists and investors. People make Yoga inspired pilgrimages there, Wes Anderson shot his last movie there primarily based on the vibrancy and colours that India exudes, and of course living in Vancouver, I'm unable to ignore the amount of immigrants that now reside in Canada, but travel back and forth to their homeland, constantly stimulating the Indian economy with Canadian earned dollars.

If you haven't already figured it out, the reason that India was attacked, and the Taj Mahal Hotel targeted, is because of it's economic symbol in the world. The majority of the Hotel's guests and those near it are not Indians, but globetrotters. Be it for business or pleasure, people have swarmed to that area to see one of the many amazing things there are to see in India. In the aftermath of the attacks, the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of millions of people that have traveled, stayed or have seen the hotel before these attacks are enormous, and they're telling their stories, while news tellers find a way to make it relevant.

The attackers or organization (who are yet to be named) chose their target well. They knew that by slicing at one of the ventricles of the Indian economy, they would not only make headlines around the world, but they would impact the Indian economy, slowing it down and making India less attractive if not dangerous to travel to. This was not an attack on the Indian people and their country; it was an attack on capitalism.

That may be a bold statement, but one that cannot be dismissed so quickly. This is not to imply that these attacks were warranted or not; that's for you to decide. But ask yourself, "What begets violence in mankind?" In most cases I would argue jealousy and greed. The countries that surround India are very much aware of India rising. They are aware of the immense economical force that is India, and they want to cut at it, making it bleed and suffer, just as they have.

Of course other things may come into play, like religion, history, and political ideologies. But one thing is certain, and it's that when we become so self-involved, allowing greed, and jealousy to take over, we become violent in mind, spirit, but even more damaging, in actions. The attacks in Mumbai are a global message that money, and all that comes with it, can be evil; if we allow it. Bombings and shootings are happening around the world in the fight against or for capitalism, while close to home, a man was trampled at a local Wal-Mart to get to the "best deals in the world."

- authored by guest poster Samuel Ramos.


Black said...

Well said big guy. I really think you are on to something when you say that it was in fact an attack on capitalism. As for that Wal-Mart ordeal, I hear there was also a shooting in a Toy R Us or something over a toy. WTF? Asking the question, "Has the whole world gone crazy?" has never seemed more appropriate. Hope Vancouver is treating you well.

ah, fuck it said...

as is always the case, it would be foolish not to, at least recognize, if not assume, that there has been some exterior force backing these attacks. i think the obvious suspect would be pakistan, who have been at the centre of a number of attempts to destabilize india. however, as you point out, india is quickly becoming an economic threat, and therefore regional politics may not be the source of conflict, instead it could be more global.

no nation immediately comes to mind, but as was the case in the 1970s and 80s in latin america, a much larger game might be being played here. with the re-establishment of russia as a global force, we may be seeing something of a new age cold war once again occurring, however, the two sides are not as openly defined as it was years ago. i may be reading more into this, but strategies of localized conflict have been used numerous times in the past to destabilize and weaken emerging and differing countries.

its definitely something to keep an eye on.