Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The West Coast is Back

It seems Red has been a little too busy covering Kanye and Lil' Wayne and let another international superstar's quiet release slip through the cracks....

COOLIO is back and harder than Sconew's horse cock in Grade 12.

The Left Side's legendary lyricist dropped his 7th release, Steal Here at the end of last month. How Coolio dropped without hype or even a single getting any commercial recoginition is beyond me because there definitely are some high points on this record.

Coolio stays true to the traditional West Coast style and sound throughout the album. It really takes me back to those gangsta records we grew up on back in the QV. I won't come out and say this album is an album full of bangers or even that it is underrated, because it isn't. It is what it is. With features from Snoop, a.i., Ghost and... wait for it .... LV. The same LV that asked, "Why are we so blind to see that the ones we hurt are you and me?" Although LV doesn't bring the same heat he brought back in 95', he still adds that soulful gospel presence on One More Night.

The tracks that are doin it for me are:

Gangsta Walk feat. Snoop
Snoop kicks off the album with an obivously unscripted intro. He was definitely high.
This is the Euro single that Coolio pushing over in Italy. Source: wikipedia and Snoop.

Here We Come
This track is a massive banger. The beat pounds and Coolio comes REAL HARD. Strictly for the G'z. This should be up for Certified Banger of the week 52 weeks a year.

LV. Let it be known, he is 53 years young and still running with the South Central Cartel.

The low points are:
Coolio really ruins some nice beats with his shitty flow.

The track Lady and a Gangsta feat. K-la. This song is shit, skip it.

Overall not bad. 73%
Check out the Gangsta Walk video on YouTube


Black said...

Coolio was bad as fuck in 95. Man, I wanted to give Michelle P. the time in that video.

"Too much television watching got me chasing dreams."

"Power and the money, Money and the power..."

ah, fuck it said...

how the hell did i miss this release?

im clearly not up on the bangers.