Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Virus Redux

So, I Googled ahhfuckit because I was looking for other harbingers of the apocalypse and I stumbled on this really cool site that shows the activity of viral videos.

VVC was compiled by the folks at Unruly Media and social media marketing team that specializes in viral videos. 

It gives the thrity day trend of the video activity, how many blog posts it appears on and how many comments it receives. 

This website is awesome for companies looking to quantify their efforts on a viral video. You can also listen in and participate in the conversations going on about your vid! 

For those interested in social media and social media monitoring this website is a neat tool. 

If you recall I posted two viral vids one called "I'm a PC" and one called "Where the Hell is Matt"

Here is the video I posted a while back... notice it went viral for a good week. 

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