Sunday, November 30, 2008

Arkells - Oh, The Boss is coming

Now, I am not sure if actual penguins dig rock music, (I tried to reach Morgan Freeman, but his people told me he was not available for comment because he was busy being shitty) but Spanchy a.k.a. The Penguin turned me on to this song by Arkells earlier this afternoon. Apparently, the group also used to live on the same Arkell street in Hamilton that was home to Spanchy, Den Smeds and Big Laze for so many years.

After I watched the video, which I thought was kind of cool, I slid over to their MySpace page and checked out their shit. I have to say that I'm feeling both 'Oh, The Boss is Coming' and 'Pullin' Punches'. They are just good ol' solid pop rock songs, and while there is nothing challenging about them, they are packed with some infectious melodies and tight bass riffs.

If I was to signal who or what the crucial elements are to the band, I would have to say that Nick the bassist and Max the lead vocalist are pulling their fair share of the weight. Now, I am sure some Hamiltonians might say that naming their album 'Jackson Square' is a little shitty. Personally, I think it is such a shitty idea, that it actually makes it kind of money, just like the mall itself. There aren't too many other places in the world where you will find as many 'tilt masters' as you will at Jackson Square. Now, I don't think Arkells share my love for 'tilt masters', but I'll just pretend they do anyway.

I had a conversation with a buddy the other day about how the Hamilton Music Scene has slowly turned to shit over the last couple years, after being so strong and exciting at the beginning of the decade. Listening to these tunes though have triggered my dormant excitement again for local music and I have to say I am looking forward to coming home and see what else I've been sleeping on.

Below, you will find the video for Oh, The Boss is Coming. Enjoy...


ah, fuck it said...

i cant say that im a fan of this band, but it is definitely nice to see a local band getting any kind of exposure.

emjay said...

the way black tags his post is like having a conversation with him when he's wasted.