Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No Election Talk Here

Since the other two authors of this blog have done such a fine job in discussing the U.S. election I'll stay away from it. Let you in on the wonderful randomness during my recent hiatus from the blogosphere.

Reason 1. Halifax Pop music festival ... I didn't get to see a lot of bands from this weekend but I did catch two super groovy bands to check out.

band 1... Telfer

I heard these guys rocking out from Pizza Corner and had to investigate so Laura, Ash Beattie and I went in to the Coconut Grove to have a look. When we got in we saw these guys really kicking it with some awesome harmonies and Dave Matthews influenced guitaring. --- new single is called Heaven Sent but I personally recommend all of the tracks on here.. these guys jam out hard.

I tried to embed their widget on here but I kept getting some shitty music instead of the groovy Telfer jams. Go to their myspace.

band 2... The Metric System
The lead singer's vocals stunned us immediately. The passionate octaves that came out of this tall thin ginger kid was unreal, he also played a saxophone made in the 1930's. My friend Ash plays Sax and informed us that the beat he had was probably worth well over 5000 dollars. What an impressive group .. buddy on the keys had maaaaad game ... rivaled only by Donovan Frankenreiter's keys player with the sick red beard and Mr. Lonely, the keys player for
Hawksley Workman.
Peep this ish ... touch the sky homies.

Reason 2. Dolemite Died

I had been in mourning for several days because I felt my post praising the most pimpenest player to ever have walked the block had somehow jinxed that bad motha. Talk about synchronicity... that shit was weird. Cheers to the man who had been rappin' before and of these rap cats made it happen.

Rest In Peace, Rudy Ray Moore -- 1927-2008

No more excuses ... I'm back.


Black said...

Hey, is there a Snoop song that references Dolemite. Also Matt, please stop killing people with your words, that is unless you are on the mic. Oh Snap...

emjay said...

Oh snap ... peeping my drafts? ahah i gave up on those.

Laura said...

I might become a groupie for Telfer, thank god for echoes in pizza corner