Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Night Out: Lucha Libre

Last night I finally made it to my first Lucha Libre match here in Monterrey. It was fuckin' hilarious. From witnessing two non-scorch rockets (UGLY Ladies) going at it to the death, to climbing the ropes, the night was a riot.

Here is a bit of stolen information on the Lucha Libre, in case you aren't in the know. Luchadores (the wrestlers) are traditionally divided into two categories, rudos ("bad guys", or "heels", literally "rude ones"), who bend or break the rules, and técnicos (the "good guys", or "faces", literally "technicians"), who play by the rules and their moves are much more complex and spectacular. "Técnicos" tend to have very formal combat styles, close to Greco-Roman wrestling and martial arts techniques, where as "rudos" tend to be brawlers. Técnicos playing the "good guy" role, and rudos playing the "bad guy" role is very characteristic of Mexican lucha libre, which differs from U.S. professional wrestling, where many technical wrestlers play the role of heels, and many brawlers play as "faces" (e.g., Stone Cold Steve Austin). I definitely preferred the Rudos last night. Something about a bunch of guys in tights constantly yelling at the audience to "Chinga Tu Madre!" (Fuck Your Mother) really wins me over.

I've included a few videos down below. The first has my buddy Ryan stealing some spotlight from a post-fight interview by making a cameo near the end. The second video, while filmed at the wrong angle (it actually provides a better view of the seat crash), features some antics outside of the ring. Enjoy...

Ryan stealing the spotlight:

Antics outside the ring:

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