Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Love King Khan

"Yeah, first of all, it was my friend's 40th birthday who owns that place [a club in Muenster]. This was a really good friend of mine.... He loved the Black Lips so when I showed up, I went crazy. I grabbed a birthday cake during the first song--[laughing] his birthday cake, the cake one of his friends made for him with all their love--and I just grabbed it and I fucking lost it. I smashed it on the Black Lips and they were covered in cake. They looked like that album cover for The Damned. They were all covered in cake and Cole [from the Black Lips] starts puking. When they played "Stone Cold," I smashed 40 bottles of beer. There was glass everywhere. This girl came up to me, just looked at me, and slapped me. I was out of control. I was possessed or something.

And then to top it off, I ran into the kitchen and grabbed this bowl of salad. The band was leaving, they weren't even playing, and I just pelted them with lettuce... [laughter all around] Anyway, I was really outta hand. It was a rough time for me at that point, for my life. Things got much better." - King Khan

Check the full interview of King Khan and BBQ here.

King Khan and BBQ play Toronto at Lee's Palace on 5 December 2008.

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