Thursday, November 27, 2008


Not even a month into Barack Obama's time as President Elect, and it already seems like talk of change was premature, and more importantly a campaign lie. With the appointments announced so far, it looks as though Obama will settle in comfortably at centre-right in the democratic party. Two thirds of those appointed thus far come from the Clinton-era, and others named will remain from GWB's cabinet. Interestingly, throughout the campaign trail, Obama criticized the Clinton administration for missed opportunities and engaging in partisan politics, yet he seems comfortable filling his own staff with these same people. That doesn't sound like change to me. Listen, I'm not complaining about a right of centre democrat at this point, I mean America could still be under the leadership of a right of right Republican, but, even as a Canadian, I feel a bit cheated by these initial appointments. I was expecting change to come to America, not a return to the 90s.

And seriously, how are people not more interested in Canadian politics? Harper is expected to introduce a bill cutting political party funding that may trigger another election just over a month since the last one. How is that not exciting?

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