Monday, November 24, 2008

Certified Banger #7

I know, it's been a minute since I've posted a Certified Banger, but I've been busy reviewing albums and grinding away at application stuff. Anyways, I'm going to try and get back to making this thing a weekly or bi-weekly thing again. So since the time I last posted a CB, Love Is All went and released their second LP entitled A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night. The whole thing is somewhat of a retread of the first album, but with just enough variation and energy that allows it to come off as fresh and anything but boring. All of the same elements that made Nine Times That Same Song so exciting are present, with the saxophone once again taking on an important role playing over the jittery punk guitars and brash voice of lead singer Josephine Olausson. The themes of this album seem to follow that of its predecessor, with the band tackling subjects like love, breakups and boredom, but this time it seems a lot less youthful and a lot more bitter, resentful and misanthropic.

The track that best exemplifies these themes along with feelings of anxiety and insomnia that the record's title alludes to is album closer "19 Floors". Musically, the song is a standard Love Is All track; it's noisy, with striking and jittery guitar work, a steady beat, a sax freak out and some sing/shout flurries. Lyrically, this song is a monster. This song is all anti-socialism as Olausson dissects gentrified condo life with lyrics like "I don't want to walk my neighbour's dog and I can't lend a cup of milk." Olausson's misanthropy reaches a climax as she whines, "I'm sure I'm immature, but I choose detours to avoid eye contact/I know it might seem strange but I don't want to change, I just don't like to interact." The song seems to play as a useful social critique. Through biting lyrics and music that really creates feelings of social anxiety, sleeplessness, alienation, boredom and bitterness the song is able to sum up what urban life is like today. Kinda depressing, but still some great music.

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