Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Certified Banger #5

I'm pissed. Not because the new Deerhunter record, Microcastle is disappointing, but rather, I'm pissed because I've been meaning to write a review of it since it leaked in August before any of the major webzines did a piece on it. Alas, my laziness and preoccupation with doing nothing got the better of me, and last week Pitchfork reviewed the record, beating me to the punch and praising it as one of the best of the year. Now, I could go ahead and write my own review, but that would just be redundant and boring since there is about 1000 reviews out there by now. Instead, I'll focus on the one track off the record that grabbed a hold of me first, and really helped me to become semi-obsessed with this album.

The track off of Microcastle which I speak of is entitled "Nothing Ever Happened", and not surprisingly, is the first single off the album, which, despite the recent exposure gained touring with NIN, will probably never gain any sort of airplay on the radio. It's a pity too, because this song is the most straightforward and clear 'rock' song in Deerhunter's catalogue, and is monumentally better than whatever shit 'alternative' radio stations are playing these days. Gone is the dense fuzz of effects pedals and the hazy layer of sound found on Cyrptograms, and instead, a more distinctly garage rock sound has emerged on this track giving Deerhunter a more urgent feel. This isn't to say that Deerhunter has abandoned their own vision of what pop music can be, quite the opposite. Deerhunter seem to have found the perfect combination of influences on Microcastle, merging their garage rock sound with psych pop and elements of noise, while still holding onto their shoegaze aesthetics to create some uniquely great, skewed pop music. As Marc Hogan noted in his Pitchfork review, a number of tracks of this record feel like a Pavement B Side, and this track is no exception with its rolling guitars, strong riffs and detached lyrics. To be honest, I don't know what else to say about this song other than I think that it is easily one of the best of the year.

Getting to the end of this post it seems as though I have backdoored a short review of Microcastle into this Certified Banger. Maybe that was my intention all along. Either way, you need to hear this song and this album.

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