Saturday, November 29, 2008

Book Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I have to begin by saying that I share Red's enthusiasm for the release of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button starring Brad Pitt this holiday season. However, upon reading the short story in anticipation of the film, I am a little worried that our excitement might be unfounded.
Clocking in at 25 pages, the story is certainly short, and while the story has some interesting ideas, it pretty much unfolds how you might expect it to unfold. Meaning that the ending is shitty, boring and a little premature. I believe Fitzgerald could have pushed the ending a little more and I hope that David Fincher (Director) and Eric Roth (Screenplay) have maxed out the potential of this story. I kept thinking the whole time I was reading the story that it read like a skeleton for a screenplay.
One element of the story that I hope is not lost in the adaptation is the bizarre, jealousy ridden relationship that transpires between Benjamin and his father. Considering the role is played by Jason Flemyng, who you may remember played Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde in the absolutely horrible League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I would have to think it should be interesting.
One final note is that unless you are a major fan of Fitzgerald, do not buy the Penguin Classics version of the story, as your hard earned clams might be spent better elsewhere. My advice would be to grab it from the library if you want to give a quick read before the film. And in closing all this Fitzgerald hype has got me spinning that it would actually be quite amazing if Scorsese was actually planning to do an adaptation of The Great Gatsby with Adrian Grenier. My heart tells me it will not happen, just as that Ramones film is doomed to never see the light of day.

Below you will find the trailer for the film. Now, if you were to go by the trailer, then I'd say we have a dynamite film on our hands. Personally, I have to lean and say the movie will impress and find itself on many top ten lists, but only time will tell...

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