Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blast From the Past: Salad Fingers

I cannot believe that it was in 2004 that I saw Salad Fingers for the first time. I still remember when my friend Melissa suggested that we check out this 'creepy and kind of fucked up' cartoon that a friend had shown her. It was early in the morning, we were drunk and I had never watched a cartoon that warned you to take caution if you were zoomin' on shrooms, as it might be too intense for you. As the first episode closed all I remember thinking is 'Man, that was the most fucked up thing I've ever seen.' Of course curiosity continued to get the best of me and I continued to check out the rest of David Firth's animated catalog, from the brilliance of Burnt Face Man to the ridiculousness of the Milkman. Some say Firth is 'fucked', while others seem to think his creativity and animation are genius. I've included the first episode of Salad Fingers make the call.


Black said...

The feeling of rust against my Salad Fingers is almost ORGASMIC...but first I'd like to caress this rusty kettle.

jugsy said...

i don't know if it is the soundtrack playing in the background, or the animation, or the dialogue; but this is by far, STILL the creepiest, and possibly most disturbing thing i have ever seen.

well done!!! -- i must find the perfect spoon