Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Intriguing Day...

Although I despise the fact that most Canadians are more interested in today's American election than their own earlier this month, I must admit that today's events are very intriguing. We seem to be at a cross roads in time, with capitalism failing all around us and the gap between the rich and poor only becoming wider. Obama is by no means revolutionary in his ideas, but his social democratic platform does represent a more forward thinking approach to politics than America, and even Canada, has seen in some time. Therefore, its seems as though this election represents an important choice for Americans: either vote Obama and hope that change can cure the social and economic ills of the country, or stick with McCain and the Republicans and go down with the sinking ship. Not to mention the fact that Obama is a strong and somewhat independent black candidate, who, if elected, would have to be seen as a huge step forward for a country that seems as racist and misogynist as it was in the early 20th century.

I don't support the Republicans one bit, and I really think that an Obama win would be huge for America and the world economy at this point, but something inside me is secretly rooting for a Republican win. I only say this because I have complete faith that McCain and his cabinet, if elected, will inadvertently help bring down the entire world economic system, ultimately bringing an end to the tyranny of our exploitative capitalist system. On the other hand, McCain and his government could also possibly drag the world into a nuclear war with Iran. I guess my vote would have to go with Obama on this one. The destruction of the capitalist system would be nice, but the thought of nuclear war is scary as hell.

Tonight should be interesting.


Black said...

Tonight will sure as hell be interesting. And I'm sure it must have hurt you to abandon your love of the apocalypse for a while to support Obama. As I was telling my students today, I can't help but feel that this election is going to be one of those moments, that you can't help but look back on say, "Where were you when _________ was elected?" or "If only _________ had been elected..."

Time will tell, and for now I would only like to say Red, that you are as shitty as Jason Patrick in this last week's Entourage. No reason to be named, just truth.

emjay said...

hey black ... i texted red last night with .. "Remember where you were tonight."

creepy eh?