Friday, October 17, 2008

Pull It Up My Selectah

There is a large Caribbean population in Halifax, NS, mostly students from: The Bahamas, Bermuda and Trinidad (although there are representatives from other islands). With the diaspora of Caribbean students coming to study in one of Halifax's 4 Universities or 3 community colleges, this leads to one of a kind super parties. Island Parties! I attended my first Island Party last year at a small bar called Coconut Grove. The DJ was a Bermudian, and with many of my colleagues being from Bermuda, needless to say the night was amazing. I can probably say, without question, it was one of the best nights I had out in Halifax.

For those who have never been to an Island Party, it really is out of this world. The music played is dancehall/reggae/roots and is often referred to as Passa Passa. At Passa Passa, girls dance with men in a manner that is more likely suited for an urban burlesque show. The men... well the men also have choreographed dances. Popular dances include "Signal Di Plane", "Dutty Wine", and "Nuh Linga", a dance that was seen by the entire world this summer as performed by Usain Bolt after breaking the 100 metre world record (he also did the "Gully Creepa"). Check out YouTube for exclusive dance tips.

This leads me to tonight. CLIMAX 4 ... The Island Party of the Year. I will be attending this party this evening with my friends from Halifax, Bermuda and the Bahamas. We have got V.I.P. tickets which gets us a free Heineken and V.I.P. access in the club. The bar hosting the island party this year is named the The Palace or as bar stars refer to it "Pa la che." The DJ? One of the Bahamas top DJ's and most popular, Dion Da Butcha. I promise to come back with a supplimentary analysis of the evening as well as pictures of (hopefully) ridiculous dances and DJ pics. Although this party won't be a Passa Passa with all the crazy sex stuff, there is sure to be some incredible ridiculousness transpiring.

For more information on island parties... GO TO ONE.
or check out some of these hot ass DJ's

Chinese Assassin
Black Chiney
DJ Kenny
DJ Samurai
DJ L (from New York)

Here is a vid of MY fav DJ's Black Chiney at Kardinal's party in T.O.

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