Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pop Montreal - Friday

Friday was a much busier day. Tons of good bands playing and only a finite amount of time. The night began by trying to get into the Ratatat show, but it was at capacity (which I have no idea why because Ratatat is only borderline decent to begin with), ended up missing Great Lake Swimmers, instead opting to eat some Indian Buffet, and finally made it to the Wintersleep show.

The Wintersleep show was disappointing for a number of different reasons.  First, the venue, Le Nationale, only allowed drinking in the main bar area, and therefore in order to get a beer you had to wait in a huge crowd and you were unable to bring the beer with you into the concert area.  Needless to say, I was not impressed by this.  Second, Wintersleep didn't go on in time, which in a normal show setting is completely normal and expected, but at a festival where you are trying to jump from venue to venue it was a tad bit vexing.  Not only that, I was forced to listen to some shit French alt-rock opening band, who tried to make the audience sit down on the dirty bar floor during their closing song.  Not only was this annoying, but it's been done by countless other bands.  If you are going to inconvenience people at least be fucking original. Finally, Wintersleep went on so late that I was unable to stay for more than two songs before having to hop into a $20 cab up town, making the entire Wintersleep show a complete waste of time and money. Pretty much fuck Wintersleep.

Akron/Family was a much better experience. The band pretty much rocked the shit out of the room with a mix of tribal drumming, dirty, 1970s Neil Young guitar playing, and an assortment of call and answer crowd interaction. Not only that, but beers were only $4, which helped to create one of the more lively shows I've been to in awhile (Toronto crowds suck). I ended up leaving the Akron/Family show before the set was over in order to make it to a few more shows, but I was left thoroughly satisfied by the band's set. 

Saw a few other shows but none were interesting enough to write about.  I'll have some more reviews tomorrow.

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