Saturday, October 18, 2008

MGMT live at Escenica

Now, I must be fair to Brooklyn's MGMT, we got to the show a little later and the crowd was huge, so my review must keep that in mind. I did not expect the crowd to be as large as it was and it definitely affected my experience a bit, as I was unable to secure a beverage(which I really wanted) and Mexi's were bumping into me left, right and center, which never increases your love for a show. As for the show, I would have to say that seeing the band in a more intimate venue has really strengthened my opinion that their
Oracular Spectacular is really a single driven album. Now, I will also say that MGMT are stupid by no means, as they played they show as any single driven band should do. And that is to play your weaker, slightly shitty songs at the beginning of your set (Pieces of What, 4th Dimensional Transition), while interest is high and close with your tighter, more accessible tracks, all the while slipping in the decent ones (The Youth, Of Moons, Birds and Monsters) when interest lingers. I also feel that the undeniable hero of this band is Ben Goldwasser, whose keyboard riffs really are the glue to any of their bangers. Song highlights of course were 'Time to Pretend,' 'Electric Feel' and the encore of 'Kids.' It also became clear that while overall the band fits comfortably into a psychedelic pop world, it is interesting that their singles have more of a electro pop feel to them. I have to admit though that I was guilty of throwing up the ol' dukes during some tunes and when I looked around there was about as many Mexi fist pumps as you would expect to see during an encore at a Hip concert. One question I have though to anyone who attended the show is "what the hell was in that goblet the band was drinking out from?" Overall, a good show, no surprises and the sound was a little shitty. Enjoy the non-offical, yet pretty rad video for their excellent single 'Kids' below.

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