Monday, October 6, 2008

Kanye Confirms New Release Date

For what it's worth, Kanye West confirmed last night that 808s and Heartbreaks is in fact his new album and that it is apparently due on 25 November 2008.  West was in L.A. attending T.I.'s Paper Trails (which was a pretty disappointing record by the way) release party when he both confirmed the existence of the album and its very eminent release date.  West took the stage with T.I to perform his verse on "Swagger Like Us" and stayed around long enough to perform another live version of "Love Lockdown" and to debut another possible 808s and Heartbreaks song, "Heartless".  I'm sure none of this was planned as part of another shameless attempt at self promotion or spotlight stealing, rather it was just Kanye having a good time with T.I.  

Forgive me if that sounded a little sarcastic, but Kanye has been almost insufferable since Lil' Wayne's Tha Carter III dropped to critical and commercial acclaim bumping Kanye from the number 1 spot in rap.  It seems as though Kanye's fragile ego took quite a beating from Wayne's overwhelming success, and this could be a reason why we are seeing such a short break between albums from Mr. West.  I'm not quite sure what to make out of either of the songs that Kanye has debuted from 808s. "Love Lockdown" is nice enough, but this whole auto tune thing that is pushing actual rap out of popular hip hop is getting a little old and played out. "Heartless", not surprisingly has auto tune on it as well and is pretty good too.  It will be interesting to hear the actual recorded version of this track.  Who knows though, although I have absolutely no reason to doubt Kanye, I mean his 3 records are all pretty tight, this whole 808s and Heartbreaks all seems just a little too rushed.  There's no doubt that 808s and Heartbreaks will debut at #1 on the billboard charts and make Kanye and Jay-Z a ton of money, but lets hope the new album is just as infectious and entertaining as the last three and not just a rushed mess.

Check the link below for a short version of "Swagger Like Us", "Love Lockdown" and "Heartless". You have to sit through some backstage ridiculousness before the songs actually start, but be patient, it's worth it. I'll be shocked if this thing actually comes out on 25 November.  Hip hop release dates are pretty shitty like that.


matt john said...

At what point does Kanye's diva-like behaviour become a detriment to his career? Apparently never... you guys should check out the Air Yeezy's .. no joke.

ah, fuck it said...

jesus, he has his own shoes? yeah it seems as though kanye is immune to bad publicity. anyone else who beats down photographers always gets some bad press, but kanye got nothing, and he was on ellen a few weeks later like nothing happened. i have a feeling this recored is going ot be shit.