Sunday, October 26, 2008

Island Party Recap

I know it has been a week and I promised an Island Party recap... so here it is.

The night started off with an extended pre-load and a game of dominoes. I had been talking smack all night about how sick my d-no game was. I told my two friends from the Bahamas that I was about to serve them up a Six-Love (in dominoes, that means an ass whooping). My mouth got the better of me that night as I had thought I had won the match with a strategic game block. I was left with the one-two in my hand, unfortunately Razor Ramon to my left had other ideas... as I was slamming my last domino in his face, he revealed the two-blank. My dignity had been stolen and it was only 10:30pm.

With that ostentatious ass whooping in the books we hit the town for a night of bangin' ass dancehall bullets and reggae classics... or so we thought.

Dion the Butcha was cutting it up rather nicely all night. He threw in some fav's of mine ... Leftside - She Wah (Workout Riddim), Collie Buddz - Mamacita and a real banging classic, Shy Guy by Diana King (Oh Lawd have mercy, mercy, mercy). The crowd was big and seemed to be into it but there was somthing missing. The authentic Island Party vibe wasn't there, it might have had something to do with all the hip hop he mixed in... although the tracks were pure bangers. The vibe wasn't there... no lightas inna di air, no gunfingas, nothing. Even the hypeman wasn't feeling it.. there were no interruptions in the tracks calling for some sort of ridiculous behaviour, no real dancing tunes (Elephant Man style). It was really just like a regular club night that was heavy on the dancehall. The night was fun ... but it wasn't what I had expected.

In the morning I conferred with my friends from the Bahamas and Bermuda and they also agreed that the crowd and DJ just weren't on point that night. The Island Party vibe is crucial to an Island Party ... this jam was too ... commercialized perhaps. It didn't suck by any means but it wasn't like the last jam I was at either. Overall 2.78/5 night ... sorta weak.

Here are some pics of Dion Da Butcha and his hypeman and pics of the crowd.

Take a look at bottom left hand corner ... see the guy with the redick jacket on (bright green and red)? That is Razor Ramon, the guy who whooped my ass in dominos.

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Black said...

"My dignity had been stolen and it was only 10:30pm," now that is classic...Brrrrrrrrrrrrrlpt.