Thursday, October 30, 2008

An Evening With David Byrne...

Let me preface this post with the following: I enjoy all of the Talking Heads' albums, love the collaborations between Byrne and Eno, and have even enjoyed a few moments on solo Byrne records.

With that being said, last night's David Byrne show at Massey Hall was, to put it nicely, shit. Actually you know what, fuck being nice, last night's show was pretentious, bourgeoisie bullshit. It was if Byrne asked himself, "what would a bunch of 40 year old middle class white people enjoy"? All white outfits? Check. Interpretive dance? Check. Bad light show? Check. Lots of boring arrangements? Check. Three acoustic guitars? Check.

Seriously, this evening could not have went worse. Byrne looked old and could only muster a few post ironic dance moves before he seemed to tire out. He had three background singers and a bongo player. The interpretive dance was awful. The crowd broke into more hip swaying hand claps than could be counted. Which, by the way, is way worse than the fist pump. And the crowd remained seated throughout the entire show. The only thing that the entire night had going for it was the great sound at Massey Hall. Yet Byrne seemed quite fine with wasting this great sound playing horribly arranged Talking Heads songs, only a few, and way too short, versions of Byrne/Eno collaborations, and way too many adult contemporaryish new solo Byrne songs. Oh, and no "Psycho Killer".

The show left me shaking my head in disappointment, and really made me wonder if I'd ever again pay to see an aging musician past their prime...or at the very least never go into a show like this with any sort of expectations.

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