Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dry those eyes Jack...I mean Johnny.

Johnny Depp has around 60 million reasons not to cry anymore. As he has just landed the highest upfront salary in history from Disney to reprise his role as Captain Jack in the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I mean granted that he is a great actor and Disney is literally fucked for a movie without him, but that sure is a shit load of cash. We can only hope that the film is more like the first one and nothing like the last one, or last two for that matter. It is no secret that Depp is a great actor and from what I've read he is also a decent fellow as well. If you did not know, last year Depp apparently donated one million dollars to London's Great Ormond Street Hospital after they helped his daughter Lily Rose win her battle with E.Coli poisoning. He even visited the doctors and nurses personally to thank them for their work. Cheers to that Johnny! Now, do us a favor and go help Disney redeem the series and steal the show. Savvy? I mean, statistics like this one really just make you stop and smile at where the wealth of our world is distributed and how great our priorities have become. At least we can hope that we will get a good film from it. My prediction...We don't.


Laura said...

Just wanted to mention that you left out 'what's eating gilbert grape?' from your top 5 JD movies... and that is blasphemy in itself!

ah, fuck it said...

i dont know, that was leo's movie i think.