Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Does anybody else miss this guy?

Now I won't say that season 3 of Dexter has been totally shitty, but I will say that the show is clearly missing Sgt. Doakes. I think ol' Doakes was a crucial element to the show and his exit was far too early. The banter and tension between Doakes and Dexter was money in the bank and it is a shame that he had to be written out. I realized that the show was fucked for a script and went another direction, but I sure as hell hope that this new detective Joey Quinn can step up and make me interested because right now he is about as interesting as Sconew in a bar shirt. Below you'll find "Darkly Interesting Scotty" about ready to throw on a bar shirt and some classic Dexter vs. Doakes banter.

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