Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Certified Banger #1

Certified Banger is a new weekly feature that we will be trying out over the next few weeks. As the title suggests, Certified Banger will be a new track that we can't stop spinning because of its awesomeness.

The track that gets the honours of being the first certified banger is Department of Eagles "In Ear Park" off of their new record In Ear Park. In Ear Park is getting lots of press since its release this week, with great reviews coming from Pitchfork, KevChino, and Slant. It looks like In Ear Park will find its way onto a number of year end lists, and "In Ear Park" is easily the stand out track on the record. The song, like most of the record, begins in a hushed tone and builds throughout, with samples, found sound, orchestration added to the sparse acoustic guitar that starts off the track. Lead singer, Daniel Rossen's voice remains hazy and somewhat buried in the mix throughout the duration of the song, as he sings ominously about the all encompassing nature of loneliness. "In Ear Park" is astonishing in its arrangement and execution and acts as an accessible segue for someone looking to get into a Department of Eagles record.

Check out the song on the side bar where all of the certified bangers will be availabe. Imeem Players are pretty fucking great. ------------------->

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