Monday, October 13, 2008

Blaxploitation Flicks You Need To See

Talk about an underrated movie genres. Blaxploitation flicks have hilariously underdeveloped (and just plain bad) plots, the funkiest tunes, tons of profanity and sex and some seriously bad ass motha motha's. Even with the shittiest acting some real legendary flicks have come out of this genre.

Here are some sweet blaxploitation flicks that don't suck.

1. Dolemite (The Motion Picture) 1975

Starring: Rudy Ray Moore as Dolemite
D'Urville Martin as Willie Green
Lady Reed as Queen Bee
Musical Score By: Authur Wright and The Filmore Street Soul Rebellion
Special Appearances by Revelation Funk and Miss Mary Love

Dolemite Theme By: Ben Taylor with Revelation Funk and Different Bag

Dolemite was framed and jailed by police who are working in cahoots with a bad motha named Willie Green (The baddest motha you know the world had ever seen). The warden of the jail summons Dolemite from his cell to inform him that he has a chance regain his freedom. If he can successfully whoop Willie Green's ass and stop the dirty cops who are aiding him he will be freed.
Dolemite agrees and takes back what is truly his ... all the big bad booty bitches

Don't get it twisted... Dolemite is a classic for a reason.

2. The Spook Who Sat By The Door - 1973

Starring: Lawerence Cook as Dan Freeman

All Music By: Herbie Hancock

Adapted from the novel with the same title by Sam Greenlee. This story is really quite awesome. Cook plays Dan Freeman, a bright, tough and athletic young man who has been selected to try out for the C.I.A. However this plan leads to darker consequences as Freeman uses his training to train young poor black men on the streets of Chicago, preparing them for a war against the police and the army.

This has Black Power all through it, I say this is the best movie I have seen for this genre. Classic, 100% recommended.

3. Soul Vengeance (Welcome Home Brother Charles) - 1975

Starring: Marlo Monte as Charles Murphy
Retha Grey as Carmen

Music By: William Anderson

This film has the most ridiculous plot ever contrived on the face of the planet, hands down (6:30). Charles Murphy is a pimpin' ass drug dealer who gets assaulted by some dirty, racist cops. The cut his dick off and send him to jail. While in jail Charles is subjected to weird nuclear testing. All of this trauma results in Brother Charles growing a nuclear bomb sized penis which hold magical powers of suggestion over women. Upon his release, the vengeful Brother Charles plots his revenge against the dirty cops and judges that screwed him over and took his manhood from him. What does Charles do? He bangs the wives of the all the white men who screwed him over, puts them under his spell and waits as the wives seduce their husbands. Once the men are vulnerable out jumps Brother Charles with his nuclear dick and he kills them .... with his dick.

No Joke... strangles them with his piece.

These movies are just a sample of the culturally vibrant works of the blaxploitation genre.

If you have seen any of these, have any or know any cool blaxploitation flicks. Drop us a Top Five list in the "Comment Section"


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